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Introducing The “Revenge By Golden Bear” Hoodie!

I love Gummy Bears and I eat them all the time! I eat them by the pound, which sometimes isn’t the best thing hahah! When I eat too much they gives me a stomachache which then feels like they are coming back for REVENGE!!

These hoodies are all hand done!

Over 5 hour of labor per hoodie, hand weeded premium vinyls. All hand pressed. Every layer of color pressed separately! A lot of craftsmanship going into each piece!

With our signature Gold metal pull strings.

No Limit on these! These will be a permanent set for the rest of the year!

polyester/cotton Blend.

Comes with a small bag of real gummy bears! (Golden bears)

ZC “Revenge By Golden Bears” Hoodie 🧸🔪

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