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Zachary Curtis Designs LLC.

The Name.

The name Zachary Curtis Comes from my good friend Zachary whom sadly passed in 2016, and my mother and I's last name of Curtis. ZC's original name was ZooCrew Customs as I had taken the logo from my Previous promotion company ZooCrew Street & Viral Promotions, a gorilla marketing company I started in Tallahassee FL in 2014. As I decided to focus on other heart felt ventures I decided to retire the logo for a little until I was able to use it again! I didn't want my new brand to have the same name of the previous company so in 2018 I decided to drop Zoocrew and honor my friend by making the Z his name "Zachary" And  the C, mines!

How it started. 



I decided after seeing a Designer Bic case online that I wanted one and knew I could make one with ease as I have a background in design and engineering. So I decided to make one for me and my friends that day. Sooner than later I realized I might have something. BOOM, Z.C. Customs was born.


I wanted to make the highest quality lighter case the world has seen. With 18k GP chains and many versions of updating later we have exactly what we want. All handcrafted, made with care and passion, each item is done by hand with the ZC fabric being produced in London UK imported to our Denver Colorado Facility and carefully constructed into some of the rarest and coolest item you've ever seen! 


I later decided that I wanted to wear my brand as others were asking for clothing as well so in 2019 we added our signature high end clothing line. Now being just as popular as our bic cases. Our signature Mini Briefcases we added to the line in 2019 as well as i need something to carry my bic cases around to show. Now making everything from hand towels to water glasses, From our original Bic cases to now furniture and everything in between!

Every item is hand done in house with the highest quality materials available.

no corners cut!

Grab your ZC Customs today and watch people look and stare at your exclusive rare statement pieces to say the least!!!


CEO & Head Designer Jordan (TOON) Le Curtis


Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 6:00 MT


Saturday: 10-5 MT


Sunday: 12-2 MT